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1. Do I have to pay?
Every information you read or submit is Free.
2. What can I get from the website?
You can find merchants information like phone number, address, GPS address; most importantly you can read the ratings and comments from other members.
3. Why the website use “comments” instead of “review”?
We think it is pronounce similar to the Bahasa Malaysia word “komen”, and sounds more Malaysia style.
4. Is there any requirements on the comments?
Yes, there are minimum words require and maximum words limit. The editor reserves the right to delete any abusive and hostile comments; and to blacklist any membership.
5. How the merchant information are built?
The merchant information are input by editors and also submit by members. Any members are welcome to submit merchant information and to furnish the website by Add A Merchant.
6. Why there are still many merchants not listed in the particular area?
We are working very hard adding the merchants, you are welcome to help.
7. How genuine are the photos?
It is all real time and original photos.
8. Why my photos being crop as not original as what I have uploaded?
This is due to limitation of the programming we are using. Please try your best to snap the food photos (or any other photos) as in the middle as possible.
9. Why some merchant information are incorrect?
That may cause by merchants shifting, closure or any other reason. If you find any information insufficient or incorrect, feel free to submit the changes to us by Update Info.
10. How long does it takes for the changes of the submission of Update Info?
Within 24 hours, and system will send a notification.
11. What is about the Navigation?
It help you to search merchant in the area that you are interested.
12. What is about the ratings of stars?
It is average ratings given from the members who had comment on the particular merchants
13. Why there is restriction not to repeat comment on same merchant?
You can only make additional comment on same merchant after six months.
14. What is “points”?
We have put up a member system to encourage members’ interaction, and higher ranking (more crowns or more diamonds) means the members contribute more to the website.
15. Why there are some delay or disconnection during submitting merchant information or photos?
Please check your internet connectivity, feel free to e mail us for any assistant
16. Does the MyComments has mobile App?
Yes, Apple iOS and Google Android.

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