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Born in Penang. Grow in Penang. Home in Penang. Fascinated in Penang. Keep exploring Penang!
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Boiled Chicken Restaurant 诚蠔油滑鸡@Pusat Perniagaan Gemilang

The price tag is reasonable, while the portion is standard. Boiled chicken is tender and juicy, but the oyster sauce is rather salty, and overwhelming the whole dish. I would suggest liquidizing the sauce, so that the sweetness of boiled chicken itself could be stand up and tasted.

Mogu Tee 愿茶@Juru Central

Another new roll in bubble tea in town! Instead of milk tea, we tried cheese dragon fruit tea and bubble flow souffle. Both is surprised us out! Cheese and fruit juice are a new combination for our palate, with little saltiness from cheese and real nature sweetness from dragon fruit, they actually balance out and work well. We got no doubt on the souffle, it is soft, silky, fluffy and springy at the same time. The souffle is superb but the brown sugar syrup from bubble jelly is over sweet.

Tan Child Specialist Clinic 陈文仲小儿专科药方

Tan Child Specialist has been existing for very long times, owned and handled by a middle age male doctor. The building although is in some aged, it is well maintained in clean and tidy condition, and air conditioned throughout the whole clinic. The charge is slightly at high side, almost the same as specialist hospital.

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