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Born in Penang. Grow in Penang. Home in Penang. Fascinated in Penang. Keep exploring Penang!
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FuHouse Restaurant 福临门大酒楼

A grand elegant restaurant, serving high class cuisine. The restaurant starts to operate last year, everything is new, clean and bright. It provides few types of private room, from one table room to party room and wedding ground, which allow patrons to freely have privacy gathering. Each room is spacious, with grand interior design and furniture, well facilitated with lighting and karaoke. Price is at high side but worthwhile with the enjoyable services and excellent dishes.

Presgrave Street Fried Noodle 翰记炒粉

The stall provides few types of fried noodles, like Char Ho Fun, Hokkien Char, Yee Mee, Hainan Char and Hong Tu Mee. Kind of curious of what is Hong Tu Mee, as never heard of this before. We ordered the most common one-Char Ho Fun. The noodle was standard average, still found it lacked of some charred aroma that a Char Ho Fun should be. However, the chili sauce was all the highlight, it made the dish appetite.

A1 Lobak

A very nice lobak, which provides fresh crispy bite. Unlike other stalls, offering ready sausages, fish balls and fish cakes, the stall owner makes his own lohak, prawn fritter, spring roll, steam octopus, braised pork knuckle and braised egg. Recommended to try out spring roll, it is kind of special than else where. The stall claims its origin from Kimberly Street since 70s, and has been passing down to second generation.

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