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Born in Penang. Grow in Penang. Home in Penang. Fascinated in Penang. Keep exploring Penang!
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YEES Yogurt 啵仔酸奶@Icon City

First try to such fancy retail yogurt drink, and surprisingly it tastes good. The yogurt drink is smooth, neither over sweet nor sour. I even can find honeydew fruit cutlet in tiny cube inside my order. Cozy and comfy environment, suite best for small group of friends and family gathering.

Bee Ghah 美雅茶室

美雅茶室是家老咖啡店,见证了槟城近乎七、八十年的历史。但是在这里几乎看不见时间的移动。除浓浓的古早味不说,这家咖啡店最有趣的是由第二代华人姐弟共同经营,但是店里早晚却是有两家马来扁担饭轮流营业。偏偏档口挡主和店家都是承接长辈的生意,从来没有搬迁过。虽然咖啡店的地理位置有些偏远,但是为了一杯咸香的牛油咖啡、kaya bangkali 烤面包或是一碟充满诱惑的扁担饭绝对值得一远途到访。

Thai Phed Restaurant

For those who love spicy food, this is the place to go. Here serve very authentic delicious Thai food. Menu is not extensive but feeds the patrons with full satisfaction. Strongly recommended their prawn paste donuts, super crispy at outside but soft and juicy inside. Remember to ask for less spiciness if you can't really take spicy food, as we have asked for mild spicy yet all the dishes included stir fried Kai Lan are still beyond our spiciness level taking.

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