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Born in Penang. Grow in Penang. Home in Penang. Fascinated in Penang. Keep exploring Penang!
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Kedai Kopi Bobo 宝宝茶室


Pantai Bersih

When mentioned about Pantai Bersih, the first thing comes to mind is sea food. As there are sea food restaurants row up along the Pantai Bersih. Patrons not only allow to pick for fresh sea food, but may enjoy the sunset and sea view across Penang island. Pantai Bersih or local likes to call it as "369 beach" used to be the famous place for leisure beach side activities, however the sea water is no longer clean as past due to construction development.

Zai Sheng Seafood 再生海鲜

The best time to dine here is around 7pm-8pm, whereby hot sun is started to shade out, patron may enjoy the beautiful sunset and sea view under the breezy wind with good food served. If you are a spicy lover, Zai Sheng will be a good choice. Each dishes are served in pungent robust taste. Food served is fast.

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