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Mun Lock Hooi 闽乐园茶室

Mun Lock Hooi Kopitiam is built on a wide empty land lot. Therefore, it is very spacious and very much in open air. There are 4 stalls in total at the Kopitiam, included 2 seafood stir fried, 1 fish head bihoon soup and 1 sotong kangkung. The kopitiam is not crowd and keep to distance between tables, this relieves patrons who wish to dine in while concern on the pandemic.

Super Crab Best Seafood Restaurant 蟹王海鲜饭店


Swee Kim Seafood@Mun Lock Hooi 瑞金海鲜饭店@闽乐园茶室

This is a Chinese stir fried seafood stall, attached to Mun Look Hooi Kopitiam. It almost had all the list of seafood. Seafood that we had in like white pomfret, prawn and shrimp mantis are all fresh. Fish and prawn we get them in steam, and they are juicy enough. Dishes are well served in good taste. However, please do expect price is almost equal to restaurant price.

Taman Metropolitan Relau

A nice park for both individual and family who wish for a walk, jogging or little traking. The park is comprising large compound, with playground, public exercise equipments, small swimming pool, uphill jogging track, and hillside tracking track. Lots of trees surrounded, so it is pretty cool to hang around.

Nada Natural Farming 苗田自然生态

A very beautiful place. Love so much with all the nature that surrounded by. Little hard to get access, as it is located far down a narrow bumpy stoney road. But due to the recent online publication, this tiny cafe is terribly overwhelming with dozens of visitors, which ruin all the peace.

Tropical Fruit Farm 热带水果 @ Penang

What a WOW trip for all of us! We though we were going to see papaya, rambutan, mangosteen, pineapple, langsat tree, instead we frond dozens of rare and unique tropical plant that we never know before. It is really eye open trip! Tour guide is friendly, visitors are free to walk around and pick fruits from the organic plantation and eat them on the spot. Plate of fruit platter and a cup of fresh juice are came after the tour. We whole family from elder to toddler enjoy this trip so much!

Bukit Mertajam Kampung Baru Durian Stall 姐弟榴莲档

Although the stall was claimed to locate at Kampung Baru, eventually you can find their stalls at Berapit Hill or down to junction to Berapit. This is a family run stall with selling durian from own farm and plantation at Berapit hill. There are variety of durian types, from famous brand like black torn, 101, green skin to kampung durian. If you don't mind, kampung durian ultimately is nice and good too. Owner is super friendly and guarantee customer with good quality of durian.

Hazukido 八月堂 @ Queensbay Mall

Hazukido is originated from Taiwan, solely focus in making and selling only croissant. They are boldly claimed their croissant is the top over top. And this made their price tag is much pricey than others. They are offering variety flavours and fillings of croissant. Price range from RM5.50 to RM13. No doubt the croissant is layering crispy and super fluffy. Yet personally I still feel it is slightly over priced.

Wowtea 小气茶 @ Jalan Hutton, Georgetown


Marves Baking Studio

Bakery is presented in very creative way. From the work piece you can really tell they are thinking out of box to deliver patrons with good surprise. Pastry and bakery are fresh. Owner is generous as well, whereby our ordering mix nut cake is fulled with hefty chuck of all kind of fresh nuts. Peanut lovers shall not miss this.

Meiko Home Meiko Home

price:RM 10