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Kedai Kopi Bobo 宝宝茶室


Pantai Bersih

When mentioned about Pantai Bersih, the first thing comes to mind is sea food. As there are sea food restaurants row up along the Pantai Bersih. Patrons not only allow to pick for fresh sea food, but may enjoy the sunset and sea view across Penang island. Pantai Bersih or local likes to call it as "369 beach" used to be the famous place for leisure beach side activities, however the sea water is no longer clean as past due to construction development.

Zai Sheng Seafood 再生海鲜

The best time to dine here is around 7pm-8pm, whereby hot sun is started to shade out, patron may enjoy the beautiful sunset and sea view under the breezy wind with good food served. If you are a spicy lover, Zai Sheng will be a good choice. Each dishes are served in pungent robust taste. Food served is fast.

Pantai Robina

It is good to scrolling along Pantai Robina as it is shaded with trees, accompanies with breezy wind. Yet it is not a good choice for picnic, water spot or close contact to sea water and sand. Pantai Robina is more like an esplanade, covering with embankment. Majority of the beach side is filling with giant stones. The good part is, it is well facilitated with public toilet, car park lots, playground and cafe.

Indigo Restaurant @ The Blue Mansion

A totally new experience to dine in at the 120-year-old world awarded heritage mansion. With the newly introduction of 3 meals course, it comes in very affordable price, only RM75++ per head for lunch. No doubt, environment and services are both equally perfect. However, I was not too into the presented food taste. I found majority of the dishes were slightly over seasoning.

Cheong Fatt Tze-The Blue Mansion

Those like history and architecture should never ever miss to put self for eye-opening visit tour to Blue Mansion. It was built 120 years ago, yet both exterior and interior still stun and maze who did pay a visit inside. Now only the center part is open for visit, both wing has converted into antique hotel and a restaurant at first floor of center hall.

Kafe Roti Bakar @Plaza Ivory

There are few Kafe Roti Bakar branches around Penang Island and Kedah. Although it is named as Roti Bakar, it served throughout the day from simple breakfast like roti bakar that cannot be missed, half boild egg to set rice and noodle. Very much reasonable pricing with extensive of menu that reflecting local flavour.

Winner Fried Chicken 胜利家乡鸡 @ Lau Pheng Yu Food Court 老朋友饮食中心

This is absolutely a hidden gem at BM town. The fried chicken is finger licking good, I think it is superb than many world famous franchising fried chicken fast food restaurants. No thick flour covering at outside, yet the fried chicken are still crispy as they are. When holding them, you can tell the fried chicken are totally not oily, they look clean, no dark oil spot at all. All you can taste is juiciness and tenderly fresh of chicken. They're something will get you ask for more.

Taro Yogurt 熊太郎酸奶 @ Icon City

Another yogurt drink retails in town. You may determine your own sweetness of the drink upon purchase. We went for the normal sugar level, the sweetness is just nice, welly balance out the acidity of yogurt. We tried out the purple rice flavor. The purple rice is generously given, which really full out our stomach at the end. This September, Taro is doing promotion with RM5 discount for non-member for their classic flavor yogurt drink. Worth for a try.

Siang Ling Hair & Beauty Centre 香玲美发美容中心

The lady owner is in the business for more than 30 years. It is well known in the town. Yet be rest assure her hair-do is up to date fashion, some more her son is joining her team few years back. Her shop is always in pack all time, like by Malay, Indian, Chinese, young and old. Services are kinda fast, and they do very good head and shoulder massage during hair wash. Price is adjusted to much higher in this RMCO period.