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Little Yong Sing Hot Pot Restaurant 小羊城火锅店

The bigger attraction of this hot pot restaurant is free flow of beer, wine and Baskin Robin ice cream. Price is almost same as hotel buffet, but current there is 5th anniversary promotion on going, buy 3 free 1. There are rows of seafood included small crayfish, scallop, crab and small abalone. You may choose 2 hot pot soup out from 6 choices soup based. BBQ services are available too. Dining area is welly design in modern classy, provide privacy to big group gathering.

Restoran Shuangxi Lou 双喜楼冷气酒家

This over 30years restaurant is famous for its authentic Cantonese dishes. Among the three signature dishes are smash ginger steam chicken, yum buckle meat and Toufu Pok meat ball. The Bentong ginger is full of aroma and really helps to shine on the steam chicken. Toufu Pok is a must try dish, it is not only Bentong town famous food, but super delicious. The fluffy Toufu Pok plumps with fresh mince and sucks in soup sweetness, makes it so much succulent.

Restoran Zheng Yeong

Zheng Yeong is a well know restaurant at Tanjung Malim. We are satisfied with all the served dishes. We can see the chef had made new invention and bring own creation to each dishes, more or less, this bring a new sensation taste and adventure to our palate. As outstation patrons, we are glad to have something different from others normal Chinese restaurant.

Shunju 春秋@Icon City

I was little let down with the food quality. Served food is not exquisite and authentic as expected while price tag is at the upper medium range. Overall foods are under seasoning, missing some savory touch. Good and nice ambience with polite staffs. Just feel sorry to serving dishes.

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe is the first and last stop in Cameron Highlands for dessert and drink. Pastry and ice cream are all well presented, very eye-catchy and colourful. If you are a dessert lover, you can't really resist them. On the flavour wise, they are average, not attractive as they look. So do the price tag.

Dreamchasers' Place

Great location with weekend pasar malam just located within walking distance. Homestay is about 1000sf with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, which is consider spacious to fit for 8 to 11 people. Amenities are all set included wifi, microwave, steamboat pot and cutlery. Extra pillows and blankets even indoor slippers are provided as well. Just one little inconvenience is there is no exclusive car park lot for stay in guest, and there is no enough car park lots at apartment compound.

Puku Cafe @ Kea Farm

户外露天咖啡座的构想往往被马来西亚炎热的天气要素击败,任谁都不想要汗流浃背地享用咖啡。但在凉爽的金马仑就可以办到。Puku Cafe就座落在Kae Farm,靠近大路旁,摊位不大但位置相当显眼,尤其优雅文青的招牌和铺子装饰在众蔬果摊位中,犹如鹤立鸡群。咖啡价格相当大众化。要不来个颜值高又满满水果香的的手工冰淇淋,才RM5一枝。高人气的草莓冰淇淋固然需一试,个人更推荐样貌朴实的百香果冰淇淋,味道更浓郁幽香。

Best In Town Burger Bakor @ Pasar Malam Sungai Ruil, Cameron Highlandscameron highlands

Claim to be the best in town, I'm not sure is there any good burger than this, but I'm sure it is super duper delicious! The meat is so much juicy and tender. The burger basically is in wet, little messy in handling, but I think this makes it super yummy. All the bread and veggie are sucking the meat gravy, thus every bit is flavoursome! Well and balance seasoning, and the beauty is you will not thirst out after finishing it. One of must eat hidden gem if you are in Cameron Highlands.

Frosty Village BBQ & Steamboat

The owner seem trying hard to provide variety choices of dishes. In morning, there are dim sum, bun, all kind of noodles and nasi lemak; while at night offers BBQ and steamboats. We went for breakfast and unfortunately we not only had to wait long but found none of served foods were executed well. The wantan noodle was under cook, while the half boiled eggs were over cook. The front desk and kitchen were totally mess, lack of helpers and there was no proper work flow in carrying out business.

Jasmine Cafe House

The signature smoke duck is really impressing. It is so much flavoursome, crispy skin at outside and juicy meat at inside, while the sweet-savory sauce is just spot on. Each is meatier and satisfying bite. For Whiskey lover can go for flame smoke duck. I tried both, and I'd rather stick to original smoke duck, where depth of flavour can be thoroughly tasted. Besides smoke duck, other dishes are just average and you may have to ignore little unfriendly services from owner and staff.

咖喱妈 咖喱妈

price:RM 7


Meiko Home Meiko Home

price:RM 10