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Ippudo 一风堂@Gurney Plaza

Crowded dinning place due to high flow of patrons at most period of business time. The distance between our table and next table is only few inches away. Anyway, we are pleased and satisfied with fine quality of our ordering from appetizer or so called side dishes to their signature Ramen, even dessert. No need to mention more on deliciousness of Ramen's broth and pork cutlet quality, chicken wing and pork bun are served on top quality as well. Staffs are well trained, attentive and humble.

Nasi Lemak Mak Siti

This is my random visiting nasi lemak "berlauk" stall since years back. There are variable choice of ready side dishes can be added on top of your nasi lemak. Stall is located besides playground and road side of residential area, though patrons are many. If you drop by after 8am, many dishes are not available anymore. I think Mak Siti sambal is the highlight, full of kicks and hits. Those who can't really take spicy food, are advisable to take small amount at once.

Azuma Sushi 東寿司@Juru Sentral Jaya

It is always in long queue, though it had been located to this new business area for a long while. We went for the first try, it is packed with patrons and dining space is crowded. There is sushi belt and conveyor at ground floor. Sushi comes as low as RM1.70 per plate, I guess this cheap price is the reason for packed all time. However, the food quality is really letting us down, small portion, tastiness is below average, and my Soba came only 50 min after ordering and few reminding.

Asa No Hikari Bakery@Bukit Mertajam

This is the newly opened first branch after the one from Chai Leng Park. It is opened as early as 6am and closed at 10.30pm, running 16hours per day, providing a great convenient for patrons to grab bread almost from any times. Their light and soft, which almost melting in month, Japanese cheese powder cotton cake is impressing me. We are waiting to taste their cream puff and roti tarik on the next visit. The bakery is serving coffee too.

Makanan Laut Fifty Heng Kee 50兴记海鲜饭店

This is a great place for sea food lover. Once you step in, you will overwhelmed with long list of menu on the restaurant wall. If you are too lazy to find out one by one, the fastest way is to get the recommendation from the staff, and they are much willing to do so. The chef creates many own dishes which we never see elsewhere. Strongly recommended their curry bamboo prawn, unique taste and full of aroma. Price is reasonable too.

McDonald's Bandar Perda DT

Satisfied with the fast service, which we were really in the rush to grab a food to fill up the super hungry stomach. Foods are keeping to standard, burger and French fries are served in piping hot. Meat are juicy and tender, fries are crispy at outside and soft in inside. Running 24 hours with drive through services. The only improvement needed, I guess, is the interior, with designed functional spaces in providing more cozy environment.

Super Top Frozen BBQ 棒棒肉干肉丝@Butterworth HQ

Bang Bang is a new brand in the market of Bakkwa, origin from Butterworth, Penang. We first knew of Bang Bang was at the food fair and they presented relatively good flavor. It is not over sweet or salty, importantly burnt charred part is not obvious visually. There are not too many choice of flavor but they do have Bakkwa in short stick shape, bacon form and gold coin. The Bakkwa is claimed to be non-preservative. Price is relatively low compared to many big brand.

Jin Bi Luo 金比罗


Bread History @ Sunway Perdana

A very tidy and cozy bakery located at the commercial shop lot besides Sunway Carnival Mall. Though there is another Bread History retail branch inside the mall, this branch is much quiet and provided ample of car parking lot. There are rows of choices of ready cake, pastry, bun and toast on the sell, all well presented.

Life Image Hair Salon

A new opened hair salon in the town, but unfortunately it is just not the salon I would recommend for friend and family. There is only one hairstylist in the shop, which is also the owner, nothing wrong with the provided service, but I don't like the hair cut. He is little unskillful and unorganized in my personal opinion. Hair cut service charge is slightly higher compared to other stylist shop in town.