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Kolo Mee@Sin Wei Tong Cafe 新会同茶室哥罗面

Out of our expectation, this Kolo Mee actually is delivered in good aroma and taste. The noodle is cooked in right texture, giving some chewiness in mouth. The portion is generous while price is cheap enough. There is hefty of noodle, comes with a pork liver, fish balls, pieces of BBQ pork and shredded chicken. Absolutely worth a money!

Chicken Rice@Sin Wei Tong Cafe 新会同茶室百家鸡饭

This chicken rice stall serves both steam and roaster chicken. It comes in quite huge in portion and tastes good eventually. The chicken is tender and juicy, serves along with chicken gizzard and pickled cucumber and peanut soup. Such combination is slightly different from what we used to get. Gizzard is cooked in the right texture and not oven dense, while pickled cucumber is refreshing. It is a simple but comfort food.

Carpenter Street 亚答街


Sin Wei Tong Cafe 新会同茶室

We were actually accidentally bump into this kopitiam after few searches fail for our brunch. Sin Wei Tong is located in an old building but interiorly it looks new, it should be undergone refurnishing not too long ago. This kopitiam is clean and comprises of total 4 food stalls, offering Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa, chicken rice and rice set. Out of our expectation, all our ordered dishes taste good and come in reasonable price.

Jalan Satok Sunday Market 星期天市集 @ Kuching, Sarawak

As an outsiders I really like this local traditional market. This market is operating only from Friday to Sunday, but runs all day long from morning to night. You may find the most native fresh daily products here, some are rare to be seen out from Sarawak. The market is clean, huge, well organized and clearly divided into few segments, which ease the first time visitors in making their shopping. But it is not a place to hunt for really foods, as there are not many hawker food stalls.

16th St. Cafe

16th St. Cafe is famous for lemon crepe. Basically, besides lemon crepe, we love all the flavor of its offered crepe like nutella, mango and sea-salted caramel. Each layer is made evenly in same texture. It tastes not too sweet but quite light eventually to be taken along with fruit tea. Staffs are super friendly and helpful. Comfy environment too.

BBQ Pork@Siniawan Night Market 新尧湾夜市振春叉烧烧肉

If you ever visit to Siniawan night market, don't miss this super delicious BBQ pork! Before get to try, this glossy shinning BBQ pork that slowly grilled on charcoal pot, is already looks so attempting. The sweet savory depth of flavor is just spot on, the pork itself comes with little fat but this is what makes it moist and filling with lush of aroma after roasted. This BBQ pork is always running out fast, so come in earlier!

Bau Wan Lau Seng Temple 石隆门黄老仙师宫

This temple is very much eye-catchy and easy to access, whereby it is located just right besides of Pasar Tamu. Once we get into the temple, we just realized that the temple is actually occupying a very large compound. The shrine is not big but clean and comfy, many colorful mural pieces of Chinese legacy stories can be found on the temple exterior. The compound is very greenly and well maintained, kind of cozy to relax aside.

Pasar Tamu Bau

Pasar Tamu is located right at the town center of Bau. We are not too sure its operating hour, but during our visit some stalls are still running as late as 4pm, and even that time from our observation there are not many people dropping by. This market is nicely segregated into different sections. It is considered clean overall.

Wind Cave@Bau

Although a 1000-metre plank-walk is build throughout length of the cave, it is absolutely safe and easy to explore Wind Cave, yet for safety purpose, visitor is remain required to change with a pair of cover shoe. Torchlight is required as the cave is unlit. Inside the cave you will find beautiful stalagmites and stalactites, and flocks of fruit bat, but it is clean and not smelly. Entrance ticket is as low as RM1, good to explore.

Masjid Zahir Masjid Zahir

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