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Blue Ocean Restaurant 海洋外勤厨业中泰冷气酒家

An elegant place with warm woody Thailand interior decoration, suite best for wedding, birthday or corporate dinner that require well presentation. The restaurant serves both Chinese and Thailand cuisine. On our visiting day, we only ordered for Chinese dishes. All dishes were presented nicely with good services, but flavor wise they were below our expectation. The chef miss on seasoning, we couldn't taste the savory depth of flavor on each dishes.

Hive by Love A Loaf @ The Promenade

Good and nice cafe to go, if you are looking for something casual than proper lunch or dinner, yet something new in menu with cozy dine in place. It can be a branch, a snack, a tea time or even a supper place due to its long business open period, so pop in whenever you like. Order a cup of cheese frappe or a colorful crispy waffle and enjoy your good time here!

Restoran Tai Mah 大马海鲜餐室

We don't really enjoy our dinning at Tai Mah restaurant. Ingredients used are fresh but sad to say dishes are lack of flavor. Likewise chicken wrapped is totally missing the herbal aroma. While sizzling bean curd is lack of pan hit and char as well. It is really disappointing and I think it is hard to get our return visit.

& Dolce @ Solaria Square

& Dolce is the sister cafe of Dolce Dessert at Georgetown, but offers more fancy exquisite French pastries and dessert. Those sweet treats are make with details and eye-pleasing. With presented on clean white plate with rose gold utensil, really make it an art piece. Do expect slightly higher price to be paid but do rest assure it is still in affordable price range. The cafe itself is designed in elegant white, giving a very comfy and relaxing atmosphere.

Crab B 螃蟹哥哥@Butterworth

As the 7th branch in Malaysia, the menu is compact. Versatile flavors to serve the crab that you could be thinking of are on menu! To name few milo, dragon fruit, lemon, cheese, red wine, mocha, durian and more. For those who can't accept new flavors can always stick to traditional crab cooking way, like black pepper and salted egg. The crab price tag is solely depend on crab size, can be as low as RM48 for 3 crabs or as high as RM78 a crab. Recommended for those who like to taste on new thing.

La Delight @ Jalan Aston, Bukit Mertajam

This branch bakery is easy to be located, as it is just situated in front of Jit Sin Independent High School. But sometime parking lot around the area can be shorted. La Delight produces fresh cake, bread and toast daily. Quality is guarantee with fluffiness and light textured. The bakery is not over sweet or creamed, which really get me into them. I found their price is slightly lower than other bakery chain store, you may get a bun as low as RM2.00.

Kim Hee Restaurant 金禧楼大酒家 @ Bukit Mertajam

An elegant and grand venue that suits best for wedding and event dinner. One can be rest assure good presentation of each serving dishes. Besides proper lunch and dinner, Kim Hee serves dim sum as well at the morning session. There are rows of choice of dim sum and some are unique. Food quality is guaranteed but do expect higher price tag. Staff are well trained but expect more friendly services.

Utopia Cafe

Nice ambience whereby the cafe is located inside an old shop house, the restoration kept the building nostalgia feel while furnished with modern Victorian interior decoration. This made it an excellent arty photo taking place. A good relaxing place for gathering but not for food hunting. Serving food is still needed lots of improvement, included the simple potato chips.

Tanjong Tokong Thai Pak Koong Temple 海珠屿五属大伯公庙

The temple is neither magnificence nor exquisite, but is the oldest and important temple in Penang, believe it was built in 1799 and origin temple sprouts worship of Tua Pek Kong throughout Malaysia and Singapore. The temple is sea facing, sometime landed with huge waves, the place once badly hit by Tsunami, but miraculously the temple was survived without any harms. Recently, it was crowded with tourists for night light decoration at the backyard grove, and titled with place of Avatar.

Mama Kim Sauna Mee@Tanjung Tokong

If you are looking for something light and healthy, Mama Kim is the best choice to go for. Mama Kim served foods with bundles of variety vegetables. The sauna mee that served in stone pot is a must try dish, fresh ingredients come along with light sweet soup based, totally refreshing and unburden. Price tag is absolutely reasonable and affordable too. Worthy for frequent visit.

咖喱妈 咖喱妈

price:RM 7


Masjid Zahir Masjid Zahir

price:RM 0