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De’H 赫 Cafe & Bakery

The cafe is located at the quiet BM City Mall. It is rather spacious than I thought. No really fancy but kind of homely with vintage Chinese-influenced interior decor. Besides homemade bakery and cake, here do serve all day big breakfast, spaghetti, pizza and toast. We ordered for our favorite Aglio Olio, it tastes good indeed with light herb fragrant and pan hit. While for lemon cheese tart, though missing some cheesy taste, it is light and refreshing, neither sweet nor stomach burden.

Restoran Hooi Wang 辉煌海鲜饭店


Jzenkins & Guys Hair Studio

The owner of the shop is a very skillful hair stylist. He is doing one-man show at the studio without helper. Therefore little wait is required if walk in without appointment. He provides fast smooth hair cutting. Satisfied with the services, however, I was little shocked with the high hair cutting price that I had to pay for. It is about 30% higher than other barber shop in town!

Taman Jajar Sungai Ara Linear Park

A park that laid inside the residential area, and side by side to the Sungai Ara river. The coverage greenery area is quite huge, with shady trees and track. I really like this park, as jogger will not get bored with circling the same track. While for kids there are few playgrounds and not crowding. The river is clean and clear, stair built leading down to river, visitor can walk along or have some water-play inside the below-knee-level river.


Freshly handmade pasta, no doubt, is the best of the best. On the first bite of the pasta, soon you feel and taste the different. The pasta is full of aroma with slightly thicker and dense in textured, but they are all make sense to get dance in your mouth. A sensational plate! Price is slightly above average, and menu is limited and constantly changes, depending on fresh daily ingredient available on market. Restaurant is simple rustic but cozy, not really suite for big group, family or kid.

Kopitiam Coffee Time 199 Corner 199发饮食中心

A newly opened kopitiam that located besides to Alma Aeon Mall. This corner lot kopitiam is pretty noticeable from main road, comprising variety of food stalls, from noodle to set rice. There are two Indian stalls as well, selling nasi lemak and apom. Owner is attentive.

Curry Mee@Kopitiam Coffee Time 199 Corner 199发饮食中心咖喱面

This curry mee is very plain for me, even though it is comprising every ingredients a bowl of curry mee should have. The curry mee is not only under seasoning but lack of flavor that makes it shined off. Chili paste does not help either on the flavor. It is hard to ask for a return visit.

Pan Mee&Braised Pork Knuckle@Kopitiam Coffee Time 199 Corner 199发饮食中心板面&卤猪脚饭

If you are expecting the braised pork knuckle to be tasted like Thai famous one, you may let down as like me. This braised pork knuckle is more in local Chinese style, served with soup based. It tastes good, but meat not in the kind of felling off bone easily. So do the inner part of bean curd, still missing of some essential aroma from soup. Overall, this pork knuckle rice is good but there are rooms of improvement.

Kedai Kopi Eng Heng 荣兴茶室

Eng Heng is one of kopitiam located at the main road of Machang Bubok. It may not have attractive outlook, but comprising few stalls that deliver good foods, like Hokkian prawn mee, wantan mee and curry mee. Foods here are relatively cheaper, so do the beverage. A traditional coffee costs only RM1.20 a cup, and tastes real rich and good! A good place for local foods if you live vicinity.

Wantan Mee@Kedai Kopi Eng Heng 荣兴茶室云吞面

I love this Wantan Mee! Noodle is springy, BBQ pork is tender and juicy, steam dumpling is velvety smooth, and gravy that lifting up the whole plate with slick of sweet-savory depth of flavor is just spot on. The gravy is not only about black soy sauce but mix with super sweet soup stock, I am grateful the owner is giving plenty of them, which allow the hefty chuck of noodle fully suck with gravy. This sensational plate of Wantan Mee only costs RM3.50. What a cheap and delightful comfort food!