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Woh Heng Coffee Shop 和琼茶餐室

靓姐curry mee with char siew & roasted pork is really nice and delicious! Blue glutinous rice cake with caramel-like kaya sauce is the signature dessert you need to try!

Restoran Man Xiang Cun 满乡楼

My favourite vegetarian mee curry and the homemade fried veggie fritter are super delicious.v Good food and service. Price is reasonable. Recommended!

Restoran Gunung Rapat Tong Fong 昆仑喇叭东方茶室

福记超大碗手工自制板面很出名,份量大又好吃!but have to come here early, normally will sold out at 10am, conventional dry pan mee (thin) is signature!

Kedai Kopi Kwong Hong 广丰茶室

There's lots of other yong liew such as tofu, leafy greens and cauliflower filled with fish paste, it's tasty and full of creative in stuffing fish paste in anything imaginable - stuffed mushroom, stuffed baby corn, stuffed fried pig skin. This is my childhood food memory.

Lee Kitchen 李太糖水茶室

李太糖水的样式多,每天都新鲜推出至少8种不一样的糖水,花生糊和芝麻糊十分顺滑!另外还有自制的sourdough bread,桂花糕和解暑的柠檬仙草都很好吃!

伦记咖喱面 @ Lee Kitchen 李太糖水茶室

One of the best curry noodles in Ipoh with crispy roast pork belly, dou fu bok and char siew. It tastes very fresh from the broth and meat. Very nice!

Uncle Long 长叔精品叉烧烧腊店

The BBQ pork (char siew) is really a must eat dish, I would recommend you to order the char siew. The tenderness of the meat was so good and it went very well with the BBQ char siew sauce. Best char siew in Ipoh!

Day's Toast 多士站

I had breakfast here this morning, all were well beyond my expectations. Such a selection including Spicy Crispy Chicken Egg Sandwich and Bacon Egg Cheese Toast Box, everything is so fresh. Will be back definitely!

Hungry Utan & Fatty Tapir Cafe

First time in Hungry Utan and YOU have to go! It’s the cutest little spot with amazing food, the crunchy fried chicken sticks with namyeong sauce is the best! Gonna try the budae jjigae next time!

Fish and Chips By. Bareeseta

The fish and chips come in generous portions, not too oily and extremely flavorful. Good food with nice environment. Love their food and services here.