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Sushi Shin @ JB

Expensive but worth a try! If you can eat sashimi you can try it! It's fresh and delicious! The chef will make it in front of you and explain it to you. Pre-booking is required.

Gong Cha 贡茶 @ KL Gateway Mall

Overall it's ok, the milk tea is just nice(can adjust sugar and ice level) and the taste of pearl is also good(a bit less?), but it might be a bit expensive compared to other brands as it is just a normal milk tea with pearl.

Sushi Mentai @ Kulai

The overall services was slow and the waiters is not well trained. Many of the food were not available compare to other branch. The taste of the food is on average, and can be better.

Hai Boey Seafood 海尾海鲜

Too crowded as I came in public holidays. Great place for children as they can walk around and watch the fish while waiting for food. The overall tastes is good and fresh, the portion of the food ok also.

Hot Bowl White Curry Mee

The curry mee is so good, although the soup is white colour! When you add the chili paste, the colour of the soup will turn red, and you can add it based on your preferences. The chicken is taste smooth and delicious!

Kenny Hills Bakers @ Desa ParkCity

Need to come earlier as always full of people and the available table is less too. The food is nice and serve very fast, the environment also nice. Their peach strudel is nice and not too sweet, recommended for everyone. Matcha latte is using niko neko matcha powder, it tastes good and recommended for matcha lovers.

CC by Mel

Absolutely nice cafe! All the food is fresh and delicious , especially the salmon! I like the desserts so much as the sweetness is just right, not too sweet. However, the portion of the food is quite big for girls, so don't order too many. Must try Trio Taco Box!

Rollerwa @ 1 Utama

Per entry need to pay RM50 for 2 hours. The staff is nice, if you are a new player like me, you can ask the staff to teach you, they will teach you one to one. The safety gears is provided and it's optional for you to choose to wear it.

Selera D’Kerinchi Food Court

The food is affordable and cheaper in this area. The choices of food is more and they serve the food very fast. The tastes of food is nice also. Recommended place for people working around here.

Edohonchou 江户本町 @KL Gateway Mall

Japanese style food in KL Gateway Mall. The portion of the food just enough for girl, might be small for boys. They serves the food very fast, the taste is normal and can be better.