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Sek Hao Fu Restaurant 食口福饭店

an open air two-floor restaurant! all dishes are in smaller portion but all were mouth-watering! especially love the lime chilli! there is dessert at the end of meal! must try


price for food is on a higher rate, but if you're looking for a chilling morning for news and chill work day, this place is for you, as it is spacious and furnitures are comfortable! their big breakfast is very good!

Skippys Pizza

used to work in PD 1 and if you want a yummy zhu yuk fun, try skippy! they serve very yummy pork noodles also pull pork burger! big portion to share among colleagues too! there are beer too if u want a TGIF night!

Shu Da Xia HotPot@Bandar Sunway 蜀大侠火锅

personally prefer their soup more compared to other hotpot restaurant, their mala and tomato was so on point and fresh. other than that, their meat was so fresh, fried chicken came big portion too! perfect for sharing even for big group, slight disappoint for fried mochi, because it is too hard to chew tho


tho price wise, could be slightly higher compared to other thai restaurant, but man, their green curry was heavenly cooked, padthai was great too! down side for greencurry tofu is that they serve white tofu instead of seafood tofu

Baby Cami Sushi Restaurant

a very humble sushi shop in cheras! their sushi is super fresh and yummy. however, the waiting time for food could take some times because it is always crowded with people in a small shop


the only poke bowl shop that actually serves hot base bowl of soup noodles! perfect for cold day while looking for a healthy low carbs food! their falafel was good too!

Kaw kaw Pak kopi @ SS2

very thick and yummy kaw kaw pak kopi as it claims! other traditional food like hakka noodles was good too, but wont recommend their ipoh horfun, there are better ones out there

100 houz coffee & breakfast

rare breakfast sandwich cafe can be found in kajang, taste was ok but not very remarkable, if you're looking for a tea time break maybe can give it a try, their strwberry latte is quite good tho

Inside Ipoh

a similar kopitiam like annie one in damansara uptown but serving authentic ipoh hawker food like ipoh horfun, chee cheung fun and ipoh white coffee, if you're from Ipoh, you might want to give it a try