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Latest Events

Red Carpet Wax Museum

A beautiful place and worth a visit due to the presence of many famous personalities. The statues are life like and realistic. Nice to see the iconic figures from history and modern culture.. Interesting..

Mudtrekker Paintball Park

The biggest paintball park in Malaysia. Caters corporate, casual, family day, or even an outing with friends.Such a great experience in this paint ball game. Few type of games , cool instructors. Friendly staff. Overall experience was great ! Recommended..

Bukit Kutu

Bagi penggemar adventures Bukit Kutu adalah destinasi yang sesuai untuk aktiviti mendaki. Anda akan mengharungi trek berlopak, dua jambatan gantung dan meredah sungai yang airnya hampir paras lutut. Perjalanan menuju ke puncak Bukit Kutu ialah setinggi 1,053 meter di Kuala Kubu Bharu. Jom Hiking...

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