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Desa Dairy Farm

Located about 100 km North of Kota Kinabalu, at the picturesque foothills of Mt. Kinabalu. With a cold temperate climate at the farm that pure breed Holstein Friesian cows originated from Australia and New Zealand (typically black and white in colour). Visitors can buy Desa Fresh Milk and a range of souvenirs also attractions and activities especially for children like bottle-feeding calves and young dairy goats.

Rotiboy @ One Utama

All time favourite Rotiboy whenever stop over at 1 Utama mall. Far from the shop, you already can smell the famous bun up till the shop itself. Many customers tend to queue up for the sake of the freshly out from oven Rotiboy buns.

AnMour Cafe Concept @ Kulai

A homegrown modest American restaurant concept with the new branch in Kulai. Inspired by the restaurants in America the founders decided to present similar quality American food in Malaysia. It will be as good as having meal in America.

Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant 双天海鲜

This is a family run business and the oldest seafood restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, having served customers for more than 34 years. Varieties of fresh seafood can be found at their aquariums with big sizes of cockles and clams.

Yaoki Japanese Restaurant

Authentic Japanese restaurant located on top of a row of shop lot. Famous among locals and even to Japanese themselves. Offer varieties of dishes and good services too. Besides normal seating they have tatami room as well.

Kedai Roti & Kek Hiap Joo @ Johor Bahru, Johor

Their Most attraction is their delicious spongy banana cake. The famous banana cake is slightly charred on the outside with a mild smokey flavour and inside it is bouncy soft, fragrant and moist. Indeed is their most hot sale item in this shop.

M Roof Hotel & Residences

Beautiful and yet modern interior design of hotel. Nearby attraction consists of AEON Kinta City and varieties of local food from Stadium Ipoh.

Restaurant PEKIN KK 北京楼烈光镇

The Pekin building is decorated with simple and elegant furnishings, with a modern ambiance and a beautiful outdoor environment where guests can enjoy their meals in a cozy and welcoming environment. At the same time, the bright and spacious hall is suitable for organizing all kinds of celebrations such as birthday feasts, wedding feast, celebration feast, moon feast, and other large festive banquet. Dishes was great too.

Han Korean BBQ

Hidden Korean BBQ shop that serve average quality of Korean food. I like their range of appertizers. Complimentary 1 bowl of steamed egg for each table. Not to forget is to get the complimentary ice creams from the ice cream fridge. Varieties of local flavours also known as "Ice Cream Potong".

The Brew Orchestra

A very unique decor of cafe. Besides that, is kinda warm and comfy ambiance for customers to relax their mind and sipping a cup of coffee. Selection of breakfast are nice as well as their signature waffles too.