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Kim Leong Restaurant @ Kota Bahru

This restaurant serves ala carte dishes, fried rice and noodle. The dishes are tasteless and not appetizing at all but the price is very cheap. It costs RM34 for 3 dishes and 2 bowls of rice. If you are looking for cheaper food for dinner, I would recommend here but the food is tasteless and simple.

Texas Chicken @ Aeon Mall Kota Bharu

The taste of the food are very much similar like KFC. For the chicken, there are original and spicy. You can choose either mash potato or coleslaw for the set. Drinks are refillable. The mango pudding is not sweet and delicious. Ice cream cone costs RM1. They also have burgers and rice set too.

Noodle @ Yin Yin Cafe

This cafe serves varieties of noodle from dry to soup. They also sell curry noodle too. The pork broth soup is very delicious, can easily tell they boil the broth for many hours before being served. A good place to eat for those who loves pork soup though it is slightly expensive with one bowl of noodle and a glass of herbal drink costs RM13.

Mixed Rice & Roti Canai @ Lake Kenyir's Food Court

This stall serves mixed rice with local dishes and roti canai for a very affordable price. Most customers are working people in Kenyir Lake. The price for a piece of chicken or fish and one vegetable dish with rice costs RM4. The fried chicken is delicious.

Herbs Park @ Kenyir Lake Terengganu

This herbs park can only be reached by rented boat from the jetty at Kenyir Lake near the duty free shops. It takes few minutes to reach here by boat. It is free admission with free herbs drinks. Those who loves herbs would be a good place for them to explore. They also sells products made of herbs.

Empire Sushi @ KTCC Mall Terengganu

The sushi are freshly made in the morning at 10 a.m. before they start selling at 12 p.m. There are varieties of sushi with price range from RM1.30 to RM2.80. The mochi are also very nice with each costs RM1.90. Wasabi is also available for the price of RM1.20. Packet of green tea and Japanese ginger to eat with the sushi are also available and they are sold separately. However, you can only pack the food.

Butterfly Park @ Kenyir Lake

This park is in a small island at Kenyir Lake. You need to take a boat to the butterfly park to reach there from the jetty. Entrance fee for Malaysians is RM3 only and it is worth the visit. You even can have a personal guide if there is no visitor in the park. Would recommend for adults but not old people and children as you need to jump from the boat to the land to get to the park. The jetty is near the duty free shops.

Bah Kuh Teh & Pork Soup with rice or noodle @ Double D Restaurant Puchong

This food court serves delicious bah kuh teh soup that has tasty herbal taste. The pork soup is also delicious but i prefer the bah kuh teh more. It is served with either rice or noodle. Parking is a difficult.

Kow Lun Restaurant @ Kota Bahru

This food court serves delicious pork satay with only RM1 per piece. Other dishes are just average taste and people normally come her for their satay and ala carte fried rice or noodle for dinner. Parking is difficult.

Sim Restaurant @ Kuantan

This new food court is opposite Tunas Manja supermarket at Jalan Beserah. It sells varieties of food range from chicken rice, pan mee noodle, home made biscuits, yong tau foo, noodles from different countries, nasi lemak, chicken rice and pork trotter with rice. The most popular stall is the pork trotter vinegar stall that serves with big portion costs RM8.