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The Kitchen Restaurant

This restaurant is just located beside Grand Continental Hotel at Kuala Terengganu. It serves rice with cooked dishes, fried rice, noodles and snacks. I would not recommend to order dishes as the price is very expensive and the portion is very small. Parking is limited.

Dapo Tok Ma @ Kampung Wakaf Beruas

This restaurant serves delicious authentic Malay local food but the price is a very expensive compared to other restaurants at Kuala Terengganu. Normally a plate of noodle costs RM2 but here it costs RM3. For the rice menu, the portion is a bit larger but the chicken meat given is too small. Also when you pack the food, they may miss out giving you chicken meat and only give you rice only and charge RM5 the usual price.

Terengganu Drawbridge

This is the first southeast asia drawbridge. A new tourism place at Kuala Terengganu. Tourists can take pictures from outside too. If you want to go to the tower, you need to pay RM 5 for a Malaysian adult to see the view from the top. Inside the viewing tower, there is a glassroom that you can take picture by standing on the glass and below you can see the blue sea. It is advisable to go during daytime if you want to capture the blue sea picture.

Warung Nasi Ayam Belakang TNB

This stall is located behind TNB Kuala Terengganu and near Public Bank. It is a good place to fill up your stomach after going to TNB and banks nearby. The black pepper chicken rice is average taste with the chili sauce a bit spicy but overall taste is still not too bad. It costs RM6.50 for one plate of black pepper chicken rice. They also sell Hainanese chicken rice but the popular one is the black pepper chicken rice. Warm water is free.

華琪美食 Waki Restaurant @ Subang USJ

The food here are average taste but the environment is comfortable and clean. The dim sum is average taste and so does the chee cheong fan. You can order a pot of Chinese tea or coffee to suit your taste. However, it s a suitable place to sit down to have business discussion.

KD Hong Kong @ KLIA 2 Airport

This restaurant serves breakfast set that comes with either coffee or milk tea. I would say the coffee is delicious as they brew their own coffee. Breakfast set comes with few choices which are a plate of dim sum, toast breads and noodle. I would say pick the noodle breakfast set as it is more filling. The noodle is average taste especially the wan tan noodle but the fried chicken dumpling with prawn is crispy and tasty. They also serve lunch and dinner which has rice to offer.

Nasi Dagang Vintage

This stall has been around since year 2005 and many tourists love to come here to experience eating local food. Aside from nasi dagang, they also sell nasi lemak, bee hoon, fried noodle, fried rice and fried fish rolls. A cheap and good place to have local Terengganu food.

TY Cafe

This restaurant serves both western and local food. The grilled chicken is just average taste but would recommend their chicken croissant as it is very soft and fluffy. It costs RM6 only for the chicken croissant. The chendol is also another dessert which you can order and it costs RM4 per bowl only.

Nurul Iman Chicken Rice & Rojak Ayam

This restaurant has been around in Kuala Terengganu more than 30 years. It is a halal restaurant that serves delicious chicken rice and rojak ayam. During lunch time, the crowd is big and it is recommended to go early to avoid waiting for place to sit. The crispy roast chicken is tender and juicy. The home made chili sauce blends well with the chicken rice. However, parking is limited and you need to park along the roadside.

Salaza & Sons Bike Cafe @ Batu Buruk Kuala Terenganu

This place is well recommended for those who is looking for late supper place to chill out with friends and family members. The food is good and cheap. The grilled chicken costs RM12.90 which comes with fries, baked beans, salad and garlic bread. The chicken is well marinated before grilling. The chicken is also tender and juicy. However, the baked beans is a bit hard. Overall, still a good place for western food though they do have fried rice and fried noodle.

Masjid Zahir Masjid Zahir

price:RM 0

咖喱妈 咖喱妈

price:RM 7