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Street Churros @ AEON Mall Koa Bharu

The set meal is expensive for example churros fries and a drink costs RM12.90 and churros is in small portion. However, it is tasty. It is not very salty and a good snack to eat after shopping at AEON mall.

Medan Selera 88

This food court offers halal Chinese and Thai food for Muslim customers. Most people come here for the Hainan Chicken Rice, Kuew Tiow lakna, prawn noodle soup, lor mee and Chinese halal mixed rice stall. If you feel like trying out local Chinese dishes with white rice or porridge, the mixed rice stall has varieties of dishes to choose from. The kuew tiow lakna is delicious too.

Warisan Nasi Kukus Jalan Kebun Sultan

This restaurant has a food truck outside the premise. It sells dishes and Malay kuih in the truck. It is famous for its fried chicken and squid. The squid is expensive. It is very crowded during dinner time and it is advisable to go early to avoid disappointment. The restaurant also serves fruit juice and plain water is given free for customers. A plate of steamed rice with fried chicken, half salted egg and vegetable costs RM9.

Moktiniey Restaurant

This newly opened restaurant serves chicken rice, noodle soup, noodle rojak, curry noodle soup and porridge. The restaurant is very clean and it is not hot. The food price is RM5 per plate or bowl. Plain water is free for customers. The chicken rice is delicious with the chicken meat being tender and portion is just nice.

NR Cafe

This restaurant is very unique as it is decorated with bamboo. It has ala carte local food and western food to choose from the menu. They are famous for black pepper chicken chop, fried rice and tom yum soup in coconut shell. A good place to bring tourists as they can learn Malay culture.

Soon Yue Kopitiam 顺友茶室

This kopitiam is open by a local Hainanese at Kota Bahru. A good place to haunt for local food. The Hainanese noodle wet style is delicious that costs RM6 per plate. Dessert soup is RM3 per bowl. They also sell mixed rice with dishes which are mainly curries and local home made kuih. However, getting a carpark is a bit difficult especially during working days.

168 Restaurant

This air conditioning restaurant serves delicious double boiled Chinese soup. The fried salted egg eggplants dish is also something new to try as the salted egg blends well with it and it eats with Thai chili sauce. Damage costs for three persons with rice, a pot of Chinese tea, rice, three dishes and one soup costs RM90 nett.

Fish ball & Fish Paste Noodle @ Riverview Cafe

This cafe serves halal Chinese and Malay food. They have local Malay workers to work with them. This stall serves dry noodle, soup noodle and curry noodle with their yong tau foo. It is average taste and one plate is RM6. They also sell nasi lemak and nasi kapit for breakfast too. If you have any Malay friends who would like to try halal local Chinese food, this place is recommended.

Aiman Bistro & Grill at TD1303 Kuala Terengganu

This restaurant is very cozy and a well recommended place for business discussion, dating and even a simple breakfast and lunch alone in a cozy and friendly environment. The waitresses here are very friendly and nice. Food is delicious and cheap. Breakfast is served nasi lemak while set lunch menu is chicken rice and hot tea for RM5.50. They also have snacks, fresh fruit juices and cakes.

Caffe Bene @ Kuantan City Mall

The coffee is freshly brewed and there are many varieties of sandwiches, bingsu and pastry to choose from. I would recommend waffle with ice cream than having sandwiches as the filling for sandwiches are so little and price is very pricey. It costs RM13. 70 for egg mayo sandwiches which i think if you eat at stall, it costs so much cheaper. The milk tea or tea latte is delicious costs RM12.75. This cafe also serves fruit tea and hot chocolate drink too.