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Chee Cheong Fun @ New Lane Street

Bit shocked with the high price of this Chee Cheong Fun, it was almost double up than other stall. In view of the food portion, it was not extra big. The Cheong Fun was silky and just in right texture, neither too soggy or over dense. While for both sweet and chili sauce, there were nothing special. The sweet sauce tasted mostly in shrimp paste. There was room of improvement overall.

BBQ Chicken Wing @ New Lane Street

Bit disappointed with these chicken wings. They are roasted with charcoal, yet they are not aromatic as expected. The overall seasoning is not in my preference as well. Generally, they are just not the pieces will get me addicted toward.

New Lane Street 纽冷街

New Lane is one of well known hawker street in Penang, love by both tourists and local patrons. It is a happening place when night starts to fall, where patrons are out for food hunt. Here, the hawker stalls are rolling up both side along the street, stalls are so closed to each other. Kopitiam owners carefully fill up all the spaces with as much as dinning tables and chairs as possible. Patrons can find all the named Penang hawker foods here.

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