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Chee Cheong Fun @ New Lane Street

Bit shocked with the high price of this Chee Cheong Fun, it was almost double up than other stall. In view of the food portion, it was not extra big. The Cheong Fun was silky and just in right texture, neither too soggy or over dense. While for both sweet and chili sauce, there were nothing special. The sweet sauce tasted mostly in shrimp paste. There was room of improvement overall.

BBQ Chicken Wing @ New Lane Street

Bit disappointed with these chicken wings. They are roasted with charcoal, yet they are not aromatic as expected. The overall seasoning is not in my preference as well. Generally, they are just not the pieces will get me addicted toward.

New Lane Street 纽冷街

New Lane is one of well known hawker street in Penang, love by both tourists and local patrons. It is a happening place when night starts to fall, where patrons are out for food hunt. Here, the hawker stalls are rolling up both side along the street, stalls are so closed to each other. Kopitiam owners carefully fill up all the spaces with as much as dinning tables and chairs as possible. Patrons can find all the named Penang hawker foods here.

Presgrave Street 三条路

Presgrave Street is another local favorite food hunt place. There are transformed heritage shop houses into kopitiam fully rowing down the Presgrave Street. Hawker stalls not only occupy inside kopitiam compound but also strolling down the roadside. 888 Hokkian Prawn Mee, which offering variety of add on ingredients to patrons, like pork roaster and inners, is one of the famous stall. There are always lines in front of the stall.

Jelutong Market Night Hawker Street 日落洞巴刹夜市小贩街

Jelutong Market Night Hawker Street is out of the reach of tourist. Most of the visiting patrons are from the near by residents who come to hunt for their dinner. Here, it offers the utmost comfort local street food that a Penangnite can call for. The food price hereby is guaranteed reasonable.

Chill Suites Langkawi

A new 3-star hotel located at Kuah Town, provided very much comfortable ambient and convenient in location. Well suite to those touch and go business trip travellers. It is located at a new shop lot, and Old Town, KFC and Watson are just nearby. A freebie of deep fried sweet potato balls were given upon your check-in. Clean and nice, hotel room is fulled with the basic facilities.

Southmann Coffee & Kitchen

Even it was a delivery meal, I did expect some lacking of food quality, but the foods were really badly fall under my scoring bar. The pizza dough though was soft but tasted plain, it was totally under seasoning. While the seafood in spaghetti were not fresh, the prawn tail was shown in black and we got the empty clams shell only. The only good comment I could give was fast delivery, it was delivered within 30 minutes.

Empire Sushi@1st Avenue Mall

Sushi quality of Sushi Empire at 1st Avenue Mall is standard and makes no different like other retail branch. The retail location is quite noticeable, located at the corner, before entering elevator. Service is attentive, prompt and friendly.

Yin's WholeFood Manufactory

To apply fully on the wholefoods concept, Yin's is making all their presented foods by own, included burger, sausage, pizza and bread dough. You may related such homemade foods with high price tag, but in fact food price is no different with other cafes. All the dishes are delivered in little seasoning, so all can be tasted are nature flavors from foods. Highly recommended pizza and confit chicken.

Kee Heong BKT 奇香肉骨茶@Klang

Kee Heong is one of famous BKT in Klang Valley, collecting its reputation through generations, with now having few branches over places. Kee Heong at Klang still keeps to old traditional rustic restaurant look. We tried both dry and soup BKT. There are no pig offal provided. But rather disappointing when we found mostly lean meats are given for both dry and soup BKT. With such the pork without fat becomes tough to chew when comes in dry pot. The BKT soup is still in good flavor generally.

Masjid Zahir Masjid Zahir

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