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Chempelok's Kopitiam & Bistro

Must try their lamb chop. They got the best lamb chop in Ipoh so far! So tender and juicy, perfect combo with delicious black pepper sauce. Got alsa shell out price at RM22.90.

Singgah Yop Pulut Durian

Famous pulut dan cendol durian.. although not in durian season..but the pulut durian we can get with the same price. Pulut mangga pun ada dan juga masakan panas. Service bagus..

Kitchen Brick Cafe

Recommended & excellent cafe.. Prices & services tip top. Fast and clean cafe..will come again and try others menu.

Dulang Cafe

Makanan dihidang dalam open in Ipoh. Set Lambchop + chickenchop + spaghetti + meatball + sosej + fries cost at RM30. Portion for 2-3 person.

D' Amra Chicken Chop

Best grill chcken chop n grill lamb chop in Kelantan. Masakan goreng goreng panas juga sedap..boleh dikatakan semua makanan sedap..harga berpatutan.

Mat Bulat Meatball @ Meru Ipoh

Best of homemade meatball in Ipoh. Set with mashpotatoes and 5-7 meatballs with sauce and so yummylicious..will come again..addicted and love their meatball so much.

QZ Cafe

Nice food,nice environment,nice waiter n waitress,nice boss & everything is nice here..mostly food served in claypot ..definitely will come again!good job!keep it up!

Restoran Mak Uda Selera Timur

Nice kelantanese food and taste was good. Services quite slow. Pricey a bit the food. Variety of menu here..

Akar Kopi Cafe

Akar Kopi Panas + Roti Steam Telur Didih. Combo yang completed. Deco also okay and nice. But services quite slow a bit and seat are limited.

Mee Kari Ketam -HQ

Shell Out sedap.. Mee kari ketam sedap.. Terbaik.. Sangat syorkan pada yg nak bawa family.. harga pun berpatutan.. highly recommended..will come again.

The Lemon Tree The Lemon Tree

price:RM 30